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Dennis and Meg Gingell have, in a short time, gotten to know this business—serving your real estate needs—at practically the same depth that Dennis knows the photography business. Your residential needs are their bottom line. These two are thorough, professional, fair, quality-oriented and extremely well-versed in the service business. Serving myriad clients throughout the College’s vast, four-campus family is what Dennis has done for 30-plus years. So tell the Gingells at Great Properties Solutions your dreams and expectations and let them go to work for you. They’re good listeners, good problem-solvers and excellent teammates.
              –Phil Wagner, administrative colleague at Community College of Philadelphia

“Dennis & Meg have been a breathe of fresh air when it comes to working with real estate investors; “they get it”. We worked as a team to purchase an awesome passive income investment for their real estate portfolio. This investment property will be used not only to add to their retirement income in the future but also build a legacy for generations to come. If you are interested in buying, selling, or investing in real estate with Dennis and Meg, you are in great hands! They know a great deal when they see one and know that the speed of implementation is very important success tool to have in you tool belt when it comes real estate.”

             –John Blackburn,    Passive Income Specialist Fortune Builders


“I’ve worked with Dennis for the past 25 years at the Community College of Philadelphia. Over this time I have found him to be honest, trustworthy, positive, upstanding, and inspirational. I can honestly say that I have never had a negative impression of him or his actions. I’ve always admired Dennis’ professionalism, his many talents, and the methodical approach he takes towards both learning and the way he shares his knowledge with students.

When called upon for his assistance, he is there unhesitatingly. When I’ve solicited his advice, he has always provided it concernedly and humbly. I value his opinion highly, as I consider him to not only be an excellent friend, but a mentor and colleague as well. I believe also that he would treat all individuals in the fair and friendly manner he treats me.”

           — Arthur Danek,  Full Time Faculty  Community College of Philadelphia


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